Natural resources

13 February 2024

A farming group from the Isle of Wight discovered how a Costwold arable farmer makes regenerative farming pay.

25 January 2024

Join us as we partner with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society for a discussion will explore innovative approaches to farming that align with agroecology principles and system-based decision making.

30 November 2023

Join this online broadcast with Sean Cameron to learn about soil preservation techniques and carbon capture in agriculture.

3 November 2023

At a time when sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship are vital, improving the nutrient use efficiency (NUE) of organic manures is a crucial goal.

14 February 2024

Join us for a farm meeting at Strathmiglo, where the topic of the day will be farmyard manure (FYM).

14 November 2023

How an AHDB monitor farmer used scorecards to change the farm’s cropping strategy.

10 November 2023

Join us for the next Wainfleet Monitor Farm Meeting

13 September 2023

Researchers have nurtured the beneficial relationships between certain crops and fungi.

13 November 2023

Explore the financial benefits of cover crops and stewardship schemes

23 August 2023

Learn about the types of cover crops that are suitable for feeding to livestock.

22 February 2024

Find out why choosing the right cover crop is critical to avoid rotational conflicts and minimise disease risks to the following crops.

23 August 2023

Find out how cover crops can disrupt pest life cycles and reduce their populations.