Manage the impact of agricultural drought with the useful resources below, including hints and tips, articles, insight from farmers and growers, and relevant research projects.

Explore the themes below to find specific information and links to external sites which offer help.


Bedding options

Read our guidance on animal bedding as supplies of straw run low

Feed and fodder

Explore resources on subjects like managing feed price volatility and alternative feed options during feed and fodder shortages

Reducing heat stress

Discover the best way to handle and manage heat-stress in livestock with our guidance resources

Advice for all farmers and growers

Market information

Insight from the latest datasets, anticipating potential drought impacts, and drawing on the views and opinions of our sector experts.

Debt, community support and other resources

A list of useful links and support networks to access during extreme business circumstances associated with adverse weather conditions

Fire prevention

Learn how to prevent and manage fires on farms in dry conditions

For drought information on nutrient management and irrigation in horticulture and potatoes, visit our horticulture and potatoes archive site.