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20 August 2020

Extreme weather can quickly affect soil conditions and crops. During periods of drought or prolonged rainfall famers and growers often ask AHDB how they should be managing their soils.

16 June 2020

In response to the continued dry weather through May, the EU’s Crop Monitoring (MARS) service has further downgraded its forecasts for UK crop yields, including spring barley.

5 June 2020

Forward planning is critical for Chris and Sarah Berry from Exeter who are aiming to increase output and reduce costs. After recently taking on full-time management of Higher Thornton Farm in Devon, Chris is aiming to improve their resilience to dry weather through diverse swards and grazing management

2 June 2020

GrasscheckGB farmer gives us an update on the continued dry weather situation on-farm

2 June 2020

Join Leah Shanks, AHDB Beef & Lamb knowledge exchange manager as she chats to colleagues and farmers about how the drought could affect farming this season.

29 May 2020

The weather is certainly throwing some challenges our way this year and the biggest impact is the reduced grass growth.

29 May 2020

We have gone from the wettest February to the driest April and May, and it doesn’t look as though there is rain coming anytime soon.

29 May 2020

Top tips for managing beef and sheep grazing during dry weather

28 May 2020

The continued lack of significant rainfall in the UK has raised concerns for the quality of the quality of the planted crop.

22 May 2020

In the latest ADAS Crop Condition report, 26% of winter wheat is rated ‘very poor’ or ‘poor’, this is a considerably large increase from last year when it was 5%.

26 May 2020

An article looking at how you can manage prolonged dry conditions on - farm.

22 May 2020

The closure of the food service industry for almost two months now has reduced demand for meat and grain products. The impact of coronavirus on meat and dairy production will likely translate to a fall in demand for feed grains.