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22 August 2018

AHDB has released a checklist to give farmers practical advice on how to manage if affected by a lack of straw this winter.

17 August 2018

Despite additional hectares of straw being made available by cereal growers, there is still likely to be a shortage due to lower yields and an increased requirement for feeding. This factsheet explains the importance of assessing your straw needs and planning for any deficit.

15 August 2018

This year the weather has reached highs and lows, both in terms of temperature and rainfall

14 August 2018

We've caught up with more of our Farm Excellence network to find out more about the impact the hot weather is having on the farms.

8 August 2018

This article by our Market Intelligence team looks into the impact of the heatwave on ewe feed usage.

8 August 2018

Insight into how the drought affects cattle feed usage.