Funding Your Future: your Pork sector questions answered

As part of Funding Your Future, we asked for your questions about the proposed levy increase and the work we do. Below are the answers to the questions we received from Pork levy payers.

Answer: The AHDB Pig Pro service is in the process of being transferred to a commercial supplier.  It is not yet known whether they will award CPD points.  

APHA don’t approve abattoirs, it’s the remit of FSA on behalf of Defra, which is the competent authority.

However, we take an active role in supporting our processor levy payers site approvals by collecting and collating their application data, ensuring they are clear and achieve the necessary additional controls demanded by overseas governments.

We work with these governments and our own during the approval process to ensure the site meets the requirements, achieves approved status and are listed correctly overseas. We also facilitate ongoing problem solving should issues arise on shipment of products.

We keep things moving as much as we are able, however the pace of approval is dependent upon the pace of overseas government departments in many cases.

Our Feed the Family for less with British Pork campaign went live in October, running until 4 December. We are then back again in January and February with Feed the Family for Less with British Pork, which will feature across TV, Social, Print and Instore.

The campaign promotes shoulder, mince, sausages and medallions which we know over index as British provenance on shelf. Each campaign is backed by British farmer stories, connecting consumers with the work farmers are doing around our world-class welfare and environmental standards.

We would like to do more education work to go up the age range from younger children into secondary school, further education and to students. These are the years when future shoppers' habits will be established so having a positive attitude to pork and confidence in buying and cooking it are key to shore up future demand.

It is notable that just 4p per pig is spent on education and yet this was seen as a priority by respondents of the Shape the Future vote.

We are already collaborate with the British Nutrition Foundation and Leaf on education but have many more opportunities if the funding can be secured. Likewise on training we collaborate with Red Tractor on the uptake of the pig handling online course. We are open to further opportunities that arise that others cannot not address.

We are always looking at ways to improve our engagement in person and by improving our virtual opportunities such as the live event, webinars, podcasts, website etc.

We have looked closely at India and while it does offer longer term opportunity, it remains a developing country with limited infrastructure for chilled/frozen products ,while there are clear opportunities for ambient food goods and alcohol.

We are working with the British Embassy in India to seek commercial pork opportunities to higher end, Western hotels aimed at tourism as that is where our products are most likely to find traction.

We support levy payers and those that have a positive benefit to the supply chain. We regularly contact processor levy payers to ensure they are advised of what we are doing and how they can get involved, including our event schedule so processors can identify where they may have an interest.

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