Love BBQ 2023: Results

Celebrating summer with delicious barbecue recipes

AHDB's 'Love BBQ' social media campaign, which ran from 1 May until 4 June, aimed to inspire individuals to celebrate the summer season by trying out tasty and easy barbecue pork, beef, and lamb recipes. With impressive engagement rates and wide-reaching exposure, the Love BBQ campaign reinforced our mission of promoting long-term consumer attitudes towards fresh primary pork, beef, and lamb.

Campaign highlights

  • AHDB partnered with popular family-focused food influencer Anna Stanford (@annasfamilykitchen on Instagram) to create an enticing summer dish featuring lamb leg steaks. Anna's recipe video garnered tremendous positive feedback on her channel, reaching an impressive 830,000 consumers. The video also achieved 27,000 through plays (views to completion), a 6.8% engagement rate (higher than the industry average), and 984 saves. Click here to watch the Garlic & Rosemary Lamb with Summer Veg recipe video


  • Social media adverts targeted consumers hosting gatherings over the coronation and bank holiday weekends, promoting the best cuts of pork, beef, and lamb for barbecuing. A wide range of recipes, including Mexican-style pork burgers, barbecue beef kebabs, and tandoori-style lamb koftas, were also featured
  • The Love BBQ campaign reached 5.4 million social media users, surpassing its initial aim by 500%. The campaign also achieved a remarkable 5.25% engagement rate, exceeding expectations by 175%, and garnered a paid reach of 980,000
  • Butchers and farm shops throughout the UK received summer recipe kits promoting the barbecue recipes, ensuring the wider dissemination of the Love BBQ campaign

AHDB's Love BBQ campaign successfully generated enthusiasm among consumers for barbecuing pork, beef, and lamb. The campaign's partnerships, captivating social media adverts, diverse recipe range, and wide-reaching exposure have all contributed to its achievements. With positive press coverage and the distribution of recipe kits to retailers, our ongoing marketing efforts continue to strengthen long-term consumer attitudes towards fresh primary pork, beef, and lamb.

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