Promoting British pork on social media

Social media is an important way to reach consumers on a regular basis, and it’s something Love Pork use throughout the year to promote British pork.

Over a six-month period, around seven million people will see our posts, with many interacting with them e.g. by sharing or commenting on them.

Through our Love Pork accounts, we showcase pork-based recipes, inspirational posts from social media influencers and farmers’ stories. New, fun and shareable pork recipe memes such as ‘Don’t be a Jerk’-style pulled pork, and ‘Let’s Taco ‘bout it’ pork tacos, have also helped to increase engagement. 

Our messaging focuses on four key themes:

  • Value
  • Versatility
  • Health
  • Sustainability and standards

We have also updated the look and feel of our Love Pork videos and graphics to make them more appealing.

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New recipe development

We have created new recipe content to inspire more consumers to cook with pork and demonstrate the versatility of this delicious meat. Our aim is to always keep ingredients to a minimum, use store-cupboard ingredients where possible and demonstrate the great value of pork by calling out the price per portion.   

Some of the recipes that highlight the affordability of British pork include slow cooker pork and beans and char siu pork bao buns.

Recipes demonstrating the versatility of pork and how it can be used in a wide range of cuisines from around the world include pork gyros and Mexican pork enchiladas.

We also encourage people to try swapping their usual protein (which is often chicken) for pork in dishes such as pork katsu curry.

Working with influencers

To support our marketing activity across social media we also use ‘influencers’. Their goal is to influence the opinions, behaviours and purchase decisions of their many followers, often through fun and engaging videos.

One of the influencers we’ve worked with is Mimi Harrison from Beat the Budget. One of Mimi’s posts, which focused on a £20-weekly meal prep using pork mince, has received more than 6,000 ‘likes’ from her followers.

We have also teamed up with Tasty UK (one of the world's largest food networks) to create some delicious student-friendly pork recipes – our ‘Love Pork student staples’. These have gone down well with Gen Zs (18–25-year-olds) – our target audience.

In March 2024 we launched a new campaign – Pick Pork – with some Gen Z influencers. It’s a fun, engaging initiative that sees the influencers challenging each other to create recipes using British pork.

Find out more about the Pick Pork campaign

Showcasing British farmers

Through our ‘Meet the Farmer' series, we showcase some of Britain's most passionate pig farmers, helping consumers understand more about the care and consideration that goes into British farming and where their food comes from.

We share messaging about sustainability, the environment, animal welfare and farming standards in the UK. One such farmer is Rob McGregor, who works on an outdoor unit in Norfolk.

We are always on the look out for more farming ambassadors who want to share their stories, whether it be around sustainability, the environment or pig welfare. 

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