Encouraging younger consumers to #PickPork

We have teamed up with a host of top young food influencers to give recipe inspiration to encourage Generation Z (18-25-year-olds) to #PickPork.

#PickPork is a fun, engaging initiative that sees influencers challenging each other to create British pork recipes celebrating the taste, versatility, and affordability of different cuts of pork.

As part of our ongoing Love Pork social media activity, working with influencers allows us to reach wider audiences more effectively and drive changes in attitude and consumption among Gen Z.

Influencers have built a personal brand based on authenticity and relatability to their audience, something that is highly valued and trusted by younger consumers. So, by working with them #PickPork hopes to encourage Gen Z to choose British pork for their next meal.

The campaign showcases the versatility of British pork with different cuts, cuisines, and flavours, using a range of recipes from classic British flavours with a twist to trending Asian inspired marinades.

All six influencers have opted to use a different cut of pork - pork belly, shoulder, shoulder steaks, fillet, chops, and mince.

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About #PickPork

#PickPork runs throughout March 2024 and is estimated to reach over 1.5 million Gen Zers.

We will share the results here in April.

See the campaign on the Love Pork Instagram channel.

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How to get involved

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