Feed Your Family for Less with British Pork

Our Feed Your Family for Less with British Pork campaign returns on 5 July to inspire consumers to see British pork as an affordable, tasty and healthy meal choice.

5–31 July 2024

Aimed at the family audience, the campaign will be seen on social media, on YouTube and in seven supermarket chains between 5–31 July.

The campaign will showcase delicious, healthy and budget-friendly pork recipes, using cuts such as 5%-fat mince, loin steaks and fillet, all under £1.50 per portion.

Recipes ideal for warm weather, such as Mexican-style pork burgers , creamy lemon pork pasta and Korean-style pork mince bowls, will be shown in social media adverts across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The recipes will also feature in the healthy pork recipes collection on our Love Pork website.

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Campaign activity

Our popular TV advert showing the versatility and great value of pork dishes will be promoted on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

The campaign will also be seen in seven supermarket chains, highlighting healthy and affordable recipe ideas through on-pack stickers with QR codes to scan and signage in aisles, as well as tear-off sheets on shelves and online through website banners.

Floor vinyls and flags will also be present in several stores to encourage shoppers to buy British pork.

Our ‘Love Pork Student Staples: Healthy Eats’ recipe videos, created with Tasty UK, will again target the younger Gen Z audience (18–25-year-olds) via Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

These videos follow a Ready Steady Cook-style format, where influencer Lucy Kent demonstrates how to create quick, easy and healthy pork recipes for busy and budget-conscious students.

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Social media is an important way to reach consumers on a regular basis, and it’s something we use throughout the year to promote British pork.

We showcase pork-based recipes, inspirational posts from social media influencers and farmers’ stories.

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Research shows that our pork marketing campaigns have successfully shifted consumer perceptions, presenting British pork as a healthy, versatile and affordable meal option.

Evaluation of the January 2024 campaign showed a significant increase in key attitudinal measures and a 6% increase in purchase intent, which takes it to its highest level in four years (source: TwoEarsOneMouth).

A £10.05 return in sales was reported for every £1 of levy money invested in advertising during the campaign.

This equates to an additional £9.6m in retail sales – that’s 1,331 tonnes (incremental tonnes to total pork) more pork in shoppers’ baskets.

The campaign also brought in 173,000 extra shoppers who would not have purchased pork had the campaign not run, and increased household penetration from 25.9 million to 26.1 million households (source: Kantar).