We Eat Balanced

We are embarking on a new marketing drive to inform and educate consumers on how eating a balanced diet, which includes red meat and dairy, is a sustainable way to enjoy food.

Our TV advert launched on 4 January and highlights the nutritional benefits of enjoying red meat and dairy, while showcasing the UK's world-class standards in food production and sustainability. There are three different endings featuring dishes using beef, lamb and pork and all with a dairy accompaniment.

We’re also flooding social media with a range of engaging social media posts that are designed to get the nation talking about why a balanced diet is a healthy and sustainable way to eat. These social posts will be from our new consumer social media channels – so make sure you’re following them to see what we’re doing and keep an eye out for #WeEatBalanced.

Helping the industry regain balance

There is a consistent trend that consumers are reducing their red meat and dairy consumption because they believe it is healthier and less harmful to the environment. This is not the case and we want to redress the balance by educating consumers with our new Eat Balanced campaign, which includes:

  • A new TV advert
  • A new consumer website
  • Proactive social media posts to dispel myths about food and farming
  • A new Having Positive Conversations pack
Having Positive Conversations pack - Click to download

Response to Eat Balanced campaign on social media

We are aware of negative attention the Eat Balanced campaign has received from the vegan community. It needs to be managed carefully in a way that doesn’t give our detractors more airtime or more opportunity to post and the team is looking at how we do that.

Read our open letter outlining our position

Find out more

Our new consumer website has been created in conjunction with experts. It provides trusted, evidence-based sources of information for consumers, building confidence that red meat and dairy can be enjoyed as part of a sustainable and healthy balanced diet.

Instagram - @WeEatBalanced Facebook - @WeEatBalanced

Six ways to get involved and spread the message

We are relying on the industry to support the Eat Balanced campaign, here are some tips on how you can get involved.

Six ways to get involved and spread the message: 

  1. Download the free assets we've created and share from your social channels​ 
  2. Post on Facebook and Twitter and remember to use #WeEatBalanced 
  3. Search #WeEatBalanced and retweet posts to spread the word
  4. Pin a Tweet to the top of your profile. Click the icon located at the top right part of the Tweet and select 'Pin to your profile'
  5. Use the We Eat Balanced Twibbon to add to your profile picture on Twitter 
  6. You can also add the We Eat Balanced frame to your Facebook profile picture 

Download our free assets

We have produced a range of assets for you to use on social media. From championing our world-class farming standards to the nutritional benefit of meat and dairy, download and use these images to help you tell your story. Don't forget to use #WeEatBalanced.