We Eat Balanced Results 2022–2023

The We Eat Balanced campaign, now in its third year, continues to promote the benefits of red meat and dairy as part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

Running in Autumn 2022 and January 2023, the campaign advocated that red meat and dairy can be eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet. It also championed the role of British red meat and dairy as being amongst the most sustainable in the world*, placing the spotlight firmly on the positive food choices consumers can make by focusing on two key messages – health and sustainability.


The multi-channel campaign reached 43 million adults, having appeared across:

  • Mainstream TV (Channel 4, ITV, Channel 5) and video-on-demand (All4 and Sky)
  • National newspapers, including The Guardian and I newspaper
  • Social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Eight major supermarkets

Social media activity generated 41 million impressions and targeted a younger audience with conversations focused on debunking common myths about healthy eating and sustainability. New ‘guessing game’ video adverts targeted at the Gen Z audience (18–25 years old) were created to encourage younger consumers to answer quick-fire questions about red meat and dairy, with the final answer being revealed at the end to shed a positive light on red meat and dairy.


Retail promotions took place across eight major supermarkets, with a combined grocery value share of 81%, including in-store and online. Eight million on-pack stickers were applied to meat packs, displaying a QR code linked to a healthy recipes page on the We Eat Balanced website.


Celebrity TV Doctor, Dr Ranj Singh, supported the campaign during a milk round, asking the nation to ‘Wake Up to B12’ while sharing that milk is a source of B12 and calcium. This PR activity received press coverage across consumer and farming publications, as well as being positively received on social media.

See the full campaign activity here.

Changing consumer perceptions with We Eat Balanced

  • 9 out of 10 consumers that saw the TV ad agreed it communicated that red meat and dairy could be part of a healthy balanced diet and reassured them to eat meat
  • 8 out of 10 consumers that saw the TV ad agreed that it was believable and credible
  • The campaign drove significant uplifts in health and nutrition:
    • A significant uplift (+6%) in the perception that red meat provides a range of vitamins and minerals, compared to pre-campaign
    • The number of consumers viewing dairy as a source of vitamin B12 rose significantly (+6%) compared to pre-campaign
    • Over 90% of consumers who saw We Eat Balanced social activity felt that the farmer social assets increased credibility and belief that British red meat and dairy are produced sustainably in the UK
    • Those exposed to the social media activity plus the TV ad saw purchase intent for red meat and dairy grow


What consumers said about the campaign

"British meat and dairy is excellent quality. It made me feel reassured and content to carry on with my current diet."
"That dairy gives you a whole range of nutrients at an affordable price."
"That we have high standards of production here in the UK so we should buy British meat and dairy. It is a natural product and full of nutrients."
"It showed clearly why milk should be part of a healthy lifestyle."

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*CIEL Net Zero Carbon and UK Livestock Report 2020.