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14 June 2024

How have our eating habits changed and what are the main concerns driving our dietary decisions?

29 May 2024

Medicines are used to treat disease in people and in animals. It is important to use medicines appropriately when animals are sick to protect their welfare and restore them to health. The aim is to use as little as possible, but it is also important to use as much as is necessary to prevent unnecessary suffering and maintain animal welfare

30 January 2024

Contrary to popular belief, the proportion of food chosen for health reasons is not typically at its highest in January

25 April 2023

An impressive nine out of ten consumers who saw the most recent We Eat Balanced TV advert agreed it successfully communicated that meat and dairy form part of a balanced diet.

2 January 2024

As we now move into a period where health is being consistently deprioritised by consumers, it’s important to push specific health messaging highlighting where meat and dairy can offer low-cost access to quality nutrition.

16 December 2022

We Eat Balanced campaign returns to TV screens on Boxing Day.

23 August 2022

Looking at the importance of Iron in your diet.

23 March 2022

Good animal health and welfare are vital for each and every animal on our farms and, as a vet, improving animal health and welfare is my passion.

2 January 2024

The UK food-to-go market was worth £15.6bn in 2021, up 16.5% on 2020

7 January 2022

Infection pathways leading to mastitis infection in sheep

4 January 2022

When choosing what to eat, 55% of consumers claim health is important. Yet only 28% of total food and drink servings are chosen for health reasons.