Consumer insight

6 July 2020

Looking at challenges UK agriculture is facing and how the industry may respond in the coming months and years

3 July 2020

In an ever increasingly competitive environment dairy products are having to constantly innovate to maintain their place on the supermarket shelf.

3 July 2020

During the first 12 weeks of lockdown, British shoppers spent an extra £45m at butchers’ shops than in the same period last year.

2 July 2020

Coronavirus is shaping new consumer behaviour

24 June 2020

The takeaway market declined by 41% in the month up to mid-April, but things are starting to improve

12 June 2020

Changes in shopping behaviour, the rise of in-home eating and the media focus on coronavirus have all influenced consumer behaviour

3 June 2020

The UK halal food sector is one that is of growing importance to the national economy. Spend in the UK halal food and beverage industry in 2016 reached an estimated £4.64 billion, or 8% of the UK’s total food and drink spend.

26 May 2020

Economic forecasts regarding the size and shape of the recession in the UK, triggered by Covid-19 vary, but all agree it will be the biggest we have seen since the 1940’s.

28 May 2020

Consumers have returned to comforting food staples they know and love, including meat and dairy, during the coronavirus crisis as they cook more home meals.

22 May 2020

How has the current climate affected consumer views on farming?

21 May 2020

With the coronavirus crisis at its peak and UK in lockdown, it was no ordinary Easter this year.

28 May 2020

The proportion of households buying meat-free products dropped back during lockdown