Consumer insight

5 March 2021

How does the Budget 2021 affect agriculture?

4 March 2021

Meat and dairy performed well in January through retail, continuing the positive performance from Christmas.

3 March 2021

Despite food-to-go's more buoyant performance during COVID-19 it is predicted that this part of the market will be one of the slowest to recover to its pre-COVID high

3 March 2021

We look at dine-in trends that have accelerated during the pandemic and are likely to continue when normality resumes

10 February 2021

This Christmas, fresh produce and potatoes saw volume gains due to more consumers celebrating Christmas at home.

10 February 2021

Red meat volumes grew faster than turkey and whole fish this Christmas. Cheese volumes were up 17% in December.

1 February 2021

During a challenging year and against a backdrop of major change for industry, consumer attitudes towards UK farmers has grown in positivity.

2 February 2021

Butchers had their best ever Christmas, with meat and poultry sales up £8.5m in December. This marks the end to a very strong year for independent butchers.

11 February 2021

Join the farming community, exhibitors and esteemed speakers for two weeks on online farming seminars and engagement at Dairy Tech 2021 - Week 2

26 January 2021

Since the beginning of the Pandemic in March, 1 in 3 Brits claim to have experienced a change to their employment status. How may this have impacted consumer shopping habits?

26 January 2021

British consumers are concerned food prices will increase as the UK exits the EU. How might this impact the demand for British produce?

29 January 2021

Following on from 2019’s research into Trust and Transparency in the British food system, we look at how consumer attitudes have evolved over 2020 in the wake of coronavirus. We explore how important the environment is to consumers in the UK, and look at farming’s relative position on environmental issues.