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18 October 2021

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

4 November 2021

The general volatility and upwards trend in the price of protein feeds (i.e. soya) available for dairy rations coupled with the concerns over the environmental risk of nitrogen losses challenge the sustainability of the dairy farm system.

5 May 2020

Latest research on the effect of chop length when lucerne is fed alongside maize silage in dairy cow diets

5 May 2020

Latest research on the effect of including lucerne silage alongside either grass or maize silage in dairy cow diets

11 March 2020

Is the meaning of 'health' evolving? We explore how health is increasingly subjective, how the supply chain is reacting to these changing needs, as well as opportunities for the future.

9 November 2020

How eating pork contributes to good health and well-being

9 November 2020

We all know lamb tastes great - but did you know it's good for you, too?

21 May 2019

Medics suggesting hospitals should stop serving sausages and bacon have misunderstood the IARC report

12 November 2020

Share the facts about red meat and nutrition with these useful graphics and messages

9 October 2018

Vegans make up 2% of the population but interest in plant-based foods extends beyond this group

7 March 2022

Find out how alternative feeds, such as root and forage crops and some food industry co-products, can be incorporated into pig diets.

4 June 2019

Is free-from here to stay?