Health and diet choices

14 June 2024

How have our eating habits changed and what are the main concerns driving our dietary decisions?

28 March 2024

Meat has risen in popularity despite the continued pressure from rising food prices during the last year.

28 March 2024

What changes have we seen to consumer eating habits over the last few years?

25 January 2024

Our Feed Your Family for Less with British Pork marketing campaign returns

10 January 2024

We have explored health-related shopping habits and how attitudes towards healthy food have changed over time.

30 January 2024

Contrary to popular belief, the proportion of food chosen for health reasons is not typically at its highest in January

2 January 2024

Consumers are moving away from food selected for variety and towards more practical reasons such as price and ease of cooking.

2 January 2024

Flexitarian numbers in decline, but meat and dairy not seeing the benefit of reduced numbers

2 January 2024

What are the winning and losing dishes for dairy products currently?

14 February 2023

Is Veganuary less relevant to consumers now? We take a look at the impact on the dairy alts market.

13 February 2023

Volume sales for meat-free proucts have declined 12.9% in the first three weeks of 2023

2 January 2024

Whilst cost is a growing factor in driving consumers to look at their dairy consumption, reputational factors such as health and animal welfare are much more influential.