Health and diet choices

2 January 2024

As we now move into a period where health is being consistently deprioritised by consumers, it’s important to push specific health messaging highlighting where meat and dairy can offer low-cost access to quality nutrition.

2 January 2024

The organic food and drink market has seen a decline in volume sales, down by 16% for the 12 w/e 10 July 2022. An increase in price correlates with a drop in volume sales as price remains a key barrier for organic consumers.

2 January 2024

What drives consumer trust in agriculture in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis? Sign up to our Webinars to find out

2 January 2024

In this blog post by Susie Stannard we discuss whether the addition of calorie information to menus, whilst helpful for the physical health of some consumers, might pose challenges to the mental health of others and ask whether there may be more sensitive ways to approach information delivery.

2 January 2024

Are consumers struggling to afford meat?

7 July 2022

The long-term aim of our consumer marketing campaigns is to stimulate demand for British pork and make it a regular purchase, changing the perception of pork in consumer’s minds and aligning it with what modern, busy households are looking for when making meal choices.

17 January 2024

What are the opportunities for meat and dairy within flexitarian consumers?

2 January 2024

Vegetarian dishes remain the smallest proportion of menus with only 9% share of main meals

4 January 2022

When choosing what to eat, 55% of consumers claim health is important. Yet only 28% of total food and drink servings are chosen for health reasons.

27 January 2022

The latest results of our AHDB/Blue Marble study show that consumer perceptions of agriculture remain very positive with almost two thirds (63%) feeling very or somewhat positive towards British agriculture.

1 December 2021

Processed red meat accounts for 39% of value sales and 96% of households bought a processed meat product in the last year.

1 October 2021

After the tumult of 2020, retail sales of the meat, fish and poultry (MFP) category are now beginning to settle back to a more ‘normal’ pattern.