British Pork marketing campaign returns after autumn success

Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Our Feed Your Family for Less with British Pork marketing campaign returns on Monday 29 January, building on the success of its previous autumn run.

The £1m TV-led campaign is scheduled to hit screens in February, airing on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, alongside popular on-demand shows and YouTube.

Consumer research showed that following our autumn campaign, more people (+3%) are planning to buy pork when they go shopping, with intention levels now at their highest since 2021.

The campaign reached over 20.6 million adults with messages promoting the great taste, affordability and versatility of pork. Research also indicated that the adverts were effective, with 3% more consumers stating that they consider pork as good value and being more interested in trying new recipes with pork.

This next campaign will continue to promote pork as a budget-friendly and tasty meal option, but with an additional focus on health.

Eye-catching online and social media adverts will showcase delicious and healthy pork recipes that cost less than £1.50 per portion; from pork Katsu-style curry to healthy sweet and sour pork, and creamy pork pasta, there's something for everyone.

Eight supermarkets will be supporting the campaign and healthy and affordable recipe ideas will be shared through on-pack stickers with QR codes and tear-off recipes on shelves. Floor vinyls will also feature in several stores to draw as much attention to the campaign as possible.

Carrie McDermid, Head of Domestic Marketing, said:

“To boost reach, awareness and engagement with the younger Gen Z (18–25-year-olds) audience, we are building on our successful autumn campaign results, which recorded a shift in positive attitudes towards pork.

“We are partnering again with social influencers Tasty UK to develop recipe videos that will spotlight pork's value and versatility for students – from lean cuts to budget-friendly dishes, making it a great choice that is high in protein, low in fat and a source of Vitamin B12.

"Our new series of Love Pork Student Staples: Healthy Eats recipe videos will be seen on Tasty UK’s Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok accounts, created to appeal directly to our target audience in a fun and engaging way.

“Our campaigns aim to position British pork as tasty, lean, affordable and an easy meal solution. This campaign has many delicious, budget-friendly and healthy recipes for family dinners.

“We share content on social media throughout the year, promoting pork recipes and videos along with our 'Meet the Farmer' series. This series conveys messages about sustainability, the environment, animal welfare, and British farming standards through farmers such as Rob McGregor from Norfolk and Sam Ward from the Lincolnshire Pork Company, highlighting innovative and sustainable farming practices.”

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