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23 August 2019

Our bull selection manual explains what to look for when selecting a bull for breeding, including how to use genetics and EBVs, and judging if a bull is fit to work

19 July 2019

When assessing the effect of a No Deal Brexit on UK beef and sheepmeat trade, the change in tariffs and TRQs need to be a key consideration.

1 August 2019

AHDB is proud to present Talking Beef 2019 – a one day event looking at key areas of beef production.

24 May 2019

Six reasons why beef is important for a healthy, balanced diet

15 May 2019

Join the next AHDB Beef Strategic Farm meeting, hosted by David Barton at Manor Farm near Cirencester. Over the past two years of the Strategic Farm Programme, David has made a number of changes which have helped him move towards a beef from forage system and improve the profitability of his business.

5 June 2019

Our experts look at how the beef market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

12 April 2019

Understand how different Brexit scenarios could affect your farm business incomes

8 April 2019

Specifically designed for beef and sheep enterprises, this cash flow spreadsheet will help you quickly see when money is coming into and out of your business and where it’s coming from and going to. This will allow you to identify any future financial peaks and troughs and what costs you will have to cover at any given time.

18 March 2019

AHDB Beef & Lamb is looking for five new farms to take part in a programme which aims to improve livestock businesses.

16 August 2019

Over the last 25 years, the number of independent butchers in the UK has reduced by 60%. However, this has now steadied as consumers are increasingly willing to shop based on factors other than convenience and price.

16 August 2019

Share the facts about red meat and nutrition with these useful graphics and messages

21 January 2019

With only 23 per cent of sires currently registered on passports, AHDB Beef & Lamb is urging farmers to start recording to improve profitability and boost competitiveness.