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16 September 2021

Both the liveweight and deadweight GB lamb prices eased in the latest reporting weeks.

13 September 2021

An analysis of the learning styles preferences of UK farmers, growers and industry stakeholders

17 August 2021

Review of global levels of adoption of lean management in agricultural and horticultural businesses

29 September 2021

Pathology expertise underpins disease diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance and is vital for the health and welfare of the UK beef and sheep industries

18 October 2021

This project will investigate four possible hypotheses for epidemic of footrot of lambs in spring

21 July 2021

AHDB is investigating the value of a blood test in assessing the genetic merit of animals for worm resistance.

12 July 2021

A guide to processing lamb from farm to plate

9 July 2021

This study strengthens the evidence-base on mitigation opportunities for sheep systems in England and Wales

2 July 2021

A study to quantify usage patterns and understand perceptions towards antimicrobial use on sheep farms

2 July 2021

This PhD project will look at the assessment and development of pre-slaughter techniques for cattle and sheep to reduce animal stress and improve carcase and meat quality

9 March 2021

Find out more about growing and feeding maize to cattle and sheep.

9 March 2021

Find out more about growing and feeding winter rye to cattle and sheep.