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29 February 2024

A review of pork trade in 2023.

16 February 2024

For all InterPig countries, feed accounts for the largest cost, usually averaging around 60% of total pig cost of production. In 2022, this soared up, contributing to 70% of total costs.

6 February 2024

The latest AHDB quarterly cost of production and margin estimations have been published for 2023 Q4.

19 January 2024

According to the latest Defra figures, the UK produced 71,900 t of pig meat in December.

31 January 2024

Red meat volumes grew across the board last Christmas compared to Christmas 2022, whilst turkey remains the UK's favourite roasting joint.

18 January 2024

UK pork trade: imports continue upward momentum in November

13 February 2024

2022 was a year of change in the global pork market, feed, fuel, and energy prices rocketed, but a generally tight supply provided strength to prices.

2 January 2024

While prepared meals are an occasional choice for most, we see these meals play a role in 90% of consumers diets in 2023.

2 January 2024

Average sunshine hours hit a four-year low in July, which had significant impacts on consumer eating habits, particularly BBQs.

2 January 2024

Pork sausages and beef burgers, a staple across British plates. But how are they performing?

19 January 2024

GB pig prices have eased over the last two months with the EU spec SPP now sat at 217.78p/kg (w/e 04 Nov).

16 November 2023

Total pig meat imports to the UK in August were recorded at 65,600 t, an increase of 230 t compared with the previous month.