US importers given a taste of British cheese and lamb

Thursday, 6 July 2023

British cheese and lamb were on the menu at a recent showcase in New York as part of our continued push to help levy payers find new markets in the USA.

The event, held on Monday 26 June, was timed to coincide with the city’s three-day Summer Fancy Food Show – an exhibition that draws many importers, distributors and retailers from across North America.

As well as providing a good networking opportunity it helped introduce those in the US food sector to a range of cheeses and raise their understanding of what lamb can bring to the dinner table.

AHDB’s senior exports manager for Americas Susana Morris, who was at the event, said:

“When it comes to lamb, our aim is to build the supply chain across the US now that the market has re-opened.

“We know some 40% of consumers in the USA are not lamb consumers, and we’re up against concerns over taste and familiarity as well as limited knowledge of how to prepare and serve it.

“But through a carvery of lamb, we pushed the message that these animals are farmed sustainably with welfare and a grass-fed diet key factors that help produce a tasty meat.”

Lucy Randolph, AHDB’s senior exports manager for dairy, added:

“We looked to follow up from a similar event in Las Vegas in January.

“We offered a fabulous showcase of cheeses to the audience for them to try.

“It was great to see a number of exporters, importers, distributors, buyers, retailers and foodservice people taking up the opportunity to network and enjoy some quality produce from our side of the Atlantic.”