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19 February 2021

Understanding the impact of fertilisers and organic materials have on the carbon footprint of your farm is important both in environmental and financial terms.

6 January 2021

Webinar dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest trial results and research in the growing of spring oats

11 January 2021

Join AHDB’s Siwan Howatson, Grass & Forage Scientist and James Holmes, Resource Management Scientist for a discussion on making the best use of slurry, manure and fertiliser.

20 November 2020

Agriculture is a significant contributor to UK ammonia emissions, however, there are steps that you can take to reduce emissions on your dairy farm.

27 March 2020

Waterlogged swards need a kick-start this season. Grazing managers who rely on their usual fertiliser rates could see disappointing growth rates. Paddocks that were flooded, or severely waterlogged, over winter need rejuvenation, followed by higher nitrogen and sulphur applications.

5 May 2020

We look at the factors affecting the nutrient requirements of lucerne.

19 November 2019

Software may now enable British farmers and growers to unlock the full potential of their land by applying the exact nutrients it needs.

19 November 2019

This section of our rotational grazing series for beef production will help you tailor nitrogen application to your desired level of grassland production,

6 September 2019

For many years there has been a gradual move away from peat-based growing media as the benefits of adding other raw materials to peat to adjust and improve the blend have been recognised by the industry.

10 September 2021

Our analysts look at the latest farm expenses figures, such as feed, fertiliser and fuel

12 October 2021

The AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) offers best practice guidance on the application of mineral fertilisers, manures and slurries to crops and grassland.

3 March 2020

Nutrient management can often be forgotten on beef and sheep farms, yet there is considerable scope to reduce costs and improve output through the use of home-produced and bought-in nutrients. All crops need a good nutrient supply from the soil to grow and thrive. This updated manual looks at how feeding grass and forage crops properly with manufactured fertilisers or slurries and manures can boost growth.