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30 April 2024

The agricultural price index (API) has seen minor movement over the last few months, providing some stability to key input costs.

19 April 2024

Despite climbing beef prices over the past few years, cattle farmers have had to battle huge inflation in key input costs.

10 June 2022

If it hasn’t rained in two weeks and the forecast is for no rain in the next two weeks, then halve or eliminate the inorganic nitrogen fertiliser application you are about to make. Don’t bother playing catch-up by applying more later, the opportunity has gone. Just ensure you make applications when the rain returns.

7 September 2022

Accounting for fertiliser and grain/oilseed prices, it calculates the adjustment in the amount of nitrogen to apply to cereals and/or oilseeds crops.

30 October 2023

Accounting for fertiliser and feed prices, it calculates the cost benefit of applying nitrogen to grassland.

17 November 2021

Our recent webinar explored how to exploit organic materials to keep a lid on the crop-nutrition bill.

22 November 2021

Dr Georgina Key explains how new guidance helps farmers adjust their use of costly nitrogen fertilisers and the likely effect this will have on yield

22 November 2021

AHDB has issued new guidance to help growers plan their nitrogen (N) applications, following a sharp increase in the cost of fertilisers.

19 February 2021

Understanding the impact of fertilisers and organic materials have on the carbon footprint of your farm is important both in environmental and financial terms.

18 January 2024

Webinar dedicated to sharing and discussing the latest trial results and research in the growing of spring oats

11 January 2021

Join AHDB’s Siwan Howatson, Grass & Forage Scientist and James Holmes, Resource Management Scientist for a discussion on making the best use of slurry, manure and fertiliser.