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22 May 2023

British lamb is being showcased at a major US trade show to help capitalise on opportunities in the foodservice sector.

2 January 2024

A strong menu is vital to get people into a pub/restaurant, with 75% of consumers looking at the menu in advance

2 January 2024

Descriptions on menu improve red meat perceptions

22 February 2024

Communication on menu provides an opportunity to ensure red meat maintains its appeal and the long-term reputation of the industry is protected.

2 January 2024

Spend on meat free meals in the out of home market totalled £3.7bn in the year ending 22 January 2023 (Kantar)

2 January 2024

Out of home demand will be further challenged by the cost-of-living in 2023

2 January 2024

With inflation rising, what has been the impact on the foodservice market so far and what does it mean for the meat category going forward?

2 March 2022

As we start 2022 with fewer restrictions than before, how quickly will the foodservice market recover, and what opportunities are there to aid this?

21 February 2024

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

30 April 2021

According to Kantar data, takeaways* were up 79% in the 12 weeks ending 21 Mar 21, when compared to the same period a year earlier.

30 March 2021

Heading towards the next stage of lockdown easing on 12th April, 27% of GB consumers plan to go out more often than they typically would pre-COVID

3 March 2021

Despite food-to-go's more buoyant performance during COVID-19 it is predicted that this part of the market will be one of the slowest to recover to its pre-COVID high