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18 October 2021

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

30 April 2021

According to Kantar data, takeaways* were up 79% in the 12 weeks ending 21 Mar 21, when compared to the same period a year earlier.

30 March 2021

Heading towards the next stage of lockdown easing on 12th April, 27% of GB consumers plan to go out more often than they typically would pre-COVID

3 March 2021

Despite food-to-go's more buoyant performance during COVID-19 it is predicted that this part of the market will be one of the slowest to recover to its pre-COVID high

3 March 2021

We look at dine-in trends that have accelerated during the pandemic and are likely to continue when normality resumes

3 November 2020

What does a second lockdown mean for the out of home market?

17 September 2020

Estimated out-of-home volumes are yet to return to growth for most sectors

29 July 2020

A semi-annual outlook, assessing trends in supply and demand to see what the industry can expect in the year to come.

5 November 2019

Innovative butchery has developed 35 new pork cuts from the front section of the carcase, which accounts for around a third of it.

28 November 2019

A new, online training programme has been launched for pork to help expand the reservoir of meat skills in the supply chain.

16 August 2019

The food-to-go sector is the fastest growing part of the eating-out market, but what are the opportunities for food operators to capitalise on the trend?