Part 1 - Get the menu and dish choices right for your diner

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Part 2 – Communicate red meat quality, taste and reputational credentials

Part 3 – The positive impact on red meat and other opportunities

Getting the menu right, and therefore the red meat offering, is key to venue choice

A strong menu is vital to get people into a pub/restaurant, with 75% of consumers looking at the menu in advance, primarily to see if they want to eat there and to check prices/affordability. This links to the fact that 57% choose which restaurant/pub they are going to in advance.

Planned restaurant/pub locations are also more likely to be celebratory or treat meals, as well as for those aged 45+ or those who go out less frequently. More spontaneous occasions tend to be to try something new, craving something, and for those socialising or dating, as well as with those who dine out more than once a week. This highlights the role of the menu as a reassurance and to build anticipation ahead of the meal occasion.

Establishments must meet consumer meal occasion needs as they influence venue and meal choices

Quality time with others is a stronger driver of eating out than the food itself, with 69% saying they typically dine out to spend time as a family, while 36% say it’s to try something new.

Family meals, romantic meals and celebrations with friends result in a different mindset that leads to differing needs. However, there is a common rank to the top influences on pub/restaurant choice. A pleasant atmosphere is most important, while the quality of ingredients ranks second.

Couples are looking for a special, premium experience. They’re focussed on enjoyment and spend a considerable amount of money. As part of this occasion, there’s a high chance of deciding to have meat before even looking at the menu. The occasion calls for a special meal, something that wouldn’t be cooked at home (or at least to the same standard), such as steak. Dishes that are easy and clean to eat are preferred.

When dining out with friends, the meal is less of a focus and instead the social connection takes priority. An inclusive menu (all budgets, all tastes) is important, and this will be checked in advance, but they do not spend a lot of time perusing the menu, both beforehand and when they are in the restaurant. When it comes to dishes, they can be led by the group and are more conscious of cost, staying in line with what others are spending.

Families are looking for good value for money, relaxation and family good times. Parents appreciate a break from preparing a family meal and it’s a treat for the whole family. In terms of dishes, they appreciate a variety. Nutritious home cooked meals appeal, as well as special dishes they do not cook, or feel confident of cooking well (e.g. burgers, roasts).

Chart showing influence on venue choice

Part 2 – Communicate red meat quality, taste and reputational credentials

Part 3 – The positive impact on red meat and other opportunities

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