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8 April 2021

All processors sample and analyse grain at intake to determine its quality.

8 April 2021

Grain movements and changes in some quality parameters mean samples should be taken as grain leaves the store.

8 July 2021

As grain remains a ‘living’ crop, it is essential to monitor it during storage.

8 July 2021

The best time to take representative samples of grain is as stores are filled.

26 April 2021

Find out about the equipment required, the sample types and the storage requirements.

19 March 2021

The UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) continues to detect pathogen isolates associated with unique crop disease patterns.

17 September 2021

Information on seedling and adult plant resistance to yellow rust for winter wheat varieties

4 March 2020

The new additions bring further disease resistance-unpicking power to the highly diverse cereal pathogen population.

26 April 2021

This page covers seedling blight, foot/crown rot, ear (head) blight and fusarium mycotoxins

18 June 2019

Calculate rainfall-related mycotoxin scores and target T3 fungicide sprays in wheat

27 February 2019

Levels of erucic acid in double-low oilseed rape crops can become elevated due to contamination from volunteers (via seeds or cross-pollination)