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11 February 2020

John Cross has been announced as Chair of Livestock Information Limited.

6 November 2019

A list of frequently asked questions about the livestock information programme.

6 November 2019

Livestock Information Video - Episode 3 of 3.

6 November 2019

What we're doing and how we're doing it. Featuring Kevin McLean (Programme Manager) and Mark Matthews (Data and Technology Lead).

6 November 2019

AHDB is in a unique position to be able to lead the collaboration between government and industry in order to deliver a future traceability service which is truly transformational. Featuring Simon Hall (Programme Director) and Richard Laverick (Chief Officer).

19 April 2021

Cattle Tags: buying before the implementation of Bovine EID

1 October 2019

Livestock Information Limited is the new company which will deliver the Livestock Information Service on behalf of AHDB and Defra

16 October 2018

The Livestock Information Service builds upon British existing standards and reputation for quality and safety to show consumers around the world that English meat and livestock products are world class.