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26 November 2020

Dry cow feeding influences the cow’s immune status and her ability to remain free from mastitis infections.

26 November 2021

A strategy to reduce crude protein levels within dairy cow diets without compromising performance health welfare or fertility

26 November 2021

Improved diet formulation and feeding systems for dairy cows

28 November 2023

Optimising nutrition in dairy cow diets.

21 November 2018

Tailoring the diet of a high yielding cow to maximise both health and productivity will be the focus on the next meeting of the Strategic Dairy Farm based in Lanarkshire on 4 December.

28 November 2023

The conserved forage requirements and stocks calculator can be used to calculate feed demand by entering livestock numbers and available feed supply.

21 March 2024

Good ewe nutrition is vital for successful flock performance. The feed requirements of ewes vary significantly depending on their stage of production and feeding regimes must take account of this. This manual looks at all the elements of ewe feeding and incorporates the latest thinking on this topic

25 October 2018

With careful management, surplus pure dairy-bred male calves can be a useful option for beef farmers looking to source additional animals to rear and finish. This manual gives an overview of how to produce good quality beef from surplus male dairy calves