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18 August 2021

Help for 4,000 farmers and growers in England to plan, prepare and prosper

7 September 2021

Read our information and resources on skills, training and more

2 August 2021

Find out what Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is and how can it be used to improve your business.

18 June 2021

Steve shares his thought on the loss of direct payments and what action to take

29 July 2020

Where to find support on coronavirus, Brexit, health and safety and business planning

3 January 2019

Duxford Monitor Farm meeting focuses on farm business accounts

21 December 2018

Farmers at a recent AHDB Hereford Monitor Farm meeting were warned that the costs of replacing a staff member could be as much as double their salary.

18 October 2019

A new online calculator has been launched this week which will allow farmers and growers to see for the first time how they may be affected by potential Brexit scenarios.