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11 November 2019

Global markets were awaiting the USDA world agricultural supply and demand estimates (WASDE) report last week, released on Friday.

7 November 2019

During the Q3, the number of calves born to dairy dams increase by 0.4% compared to last year.

6 November 2019

How much consumer demand changes differs across products, and will depend on the size of the price change as well as how important the price is in the decision to purchase the good.

5 November 2019

Defra has now released the most recent set of accounts for Farm Business Income in England.

7 November 2019

October returns for processors making butter and SMP exceeded returns for producing mild Cheddar for the first time in 16 months

4 November 2019

Old-crop wheat markets drifted over the week for both US and UK. The downgrade of Australian production could be dropped further as harvest commences and yields are confirmed.

31 October 2019

The use of dairy sexed semen has doubled in the last five years, according to our recent survey, with the last two years showing a marked increase

28 October 2019

Downward revisions to Argentina and Australia production in 2019/20 have led to a tightening of global supply and demand.

24 October 2019

So far this year, UK milk prices have tracked around £0.20 per kg of solids below the average of the main milk producing countries in the EU.

24 October 2019

Global milk supplies for 2019 are set to end up on a par with last year based on the latest forecasts.

28 October 2019

The price has moved from $6.25-$7.25 to $6.55-$7.55 per kg milksolids (kgMS)

24 October 2019

Most recent survey shows a 0.4% reduction in dairy producers since March this year