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28 March 2024

Using biopesticides and biocontrol agents to tackle cabbage stem flea beetle is the subject of a new PhD report

21 April 2023

Attendees heard from early-career researchers working to improve the health and performance of livestock, six of whom are funded by AHDB

21 October 2020

PhD students hopes to solve big production challenges through better understanding the most powerful molecule in nature – DNA.

27 January 2022

Research into optimising the health and welfare of dairy and dairy cross-bred calves

27 September 2019

The 2019 AHDB PhD Studentships call is now open. Here are the answers to general enquiries

21 December 2018

About 80 postgraduates convened in Solihull last month for the third AHDB PhD studentship conference.

3 October 2018

Liver fluke, a common parasite, which is growing in prevalence across the UK, is having significant implications for the productivity of the UK’s agricultural sector.

3 October 2018

Cavity spot is a major disease of carrots which causes millions of pounds of damage in the UK each year.

21 December 2018

AHDB-funded PhD student Emily Forbes has been working for the last three years to map the presence of slugs in commercial fields.

2 November 2018

This review is a summary of some of the research carried out by AHDB Beef & Lamb on behalf of levy payers. The annual publication includes key findings from completed projects and updates on ongoing research.

16 March 2023

Call now open for PhD Studentship projects in the agriculture and horticulture sector