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23 July 2024

Livestock farmers in the UK are being encouraged to be familiar with how to spot for signs of ergot and fusarium, as there could be an increased presence of the two types of fungi in grain harvested this summer.

22 July 2024

Essential information on how farmers can combine various Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) actions to help boost income has been updated by AHDB.

17 July 2024

We have released the second report in our series comparing English farmgate production standards with those of key international markets around the world

15 July 2024

How important are holiday events for meat and dairy sales? New AHDB research reveals consumer trends and retail opportunities.

11 July 2024

Duncan Nelless, alongside his brother Angus Duncan, farms Thistleyhaugh Farm in Northumberland. This family-run operation spans 2,000 acres of diverse landscape, from riverside sand and gravel to heavy clay loams and peat soils.

10 July 2024

Will Langton, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, manages Crowfields Farm in Derbyshire alongside his mother. The farm spans 150 acres, with some fields bordering Nottinghamshire.

10 July 2024

Earlier this year, as part of our Education work to build children’s confidence in cooking and nutrition, we launched an innovative initiative to provide free ingredients to schools.

9 July 2024

Dobcross Hall in Cumbria opened its gates to eager young minds from William Howard School in Brampton as part of our school farm visits support programme.

24 July 2024

We are increasing the number of places available to new host farmers for our school farm visits support programme, following a successful pilot last year.

8 July 2024

Research confirms that our pork marketing campaigns have successfully shifted consumer perceptions, presenting British pork as a healthy, versatile and affordable meal option

5 July 2024

Our latest Planting and Variety survey, conducted from 15 April to 14 June 2024, shows a dramatic decline in cereals and oilseed rape (OSR) planted in Great Britain (GB) this year – down by 5% in 2024 to the lowest level for over two decades.

3 July 2024

We are launching ‘Milk Every Moment’, a new campaign designed to highlight the numerous benefits of milk to young students involved in sport, on Monday, 8 July.