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31 August 2021

Online dairy volumes rose 71% in the past year, but opportunities remain

11 May 2021

Online food and drink rose by 77% in the 12 w/e 21 Feb 2021, but is set to slow as lockdowns ease

27 March 2019

The UK retail scene has seen enormous structural change over the last decade, driven by technology, new entrants and changing demands.

4 June 2019

Return of last years lost shoppers

4 June 2019

How can the bread category evolve to combat changing consumer attitudes?

4 June 2019

Sentiment for British food is high, but could Brexit impact shoppers' choices?

4 June 2019

Could the rapid growth of dairy alternatives impact the dairy market?

4 June 2019

What's driving inflation, and how might the food supply chain be affected?

4 June 2019

Can we build on lamb's festive sales boost?

16 August 2019

Shoppers are concerned about the price of food - how could this affect consumer behaviour?

3 June 2019

We learn about trends in breakfast consumption