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23 June 2021

Read about using control, containment and counting for an efficient irrigation system.

11 July 2019

Automation, robotics and precision growing - take a look at some of the trends from this year's GreenTech show

16 April 2019

SmartHort conference isn't over yet. Discover and find out what steps you can take to introduce robotics and automation into your business. We have specialists from University of Essex, Innovate UK, KTN, G's and Tiptree Grower Andrey who provide us with an invaluable insight into their line of work.

29 March 2019

Prototype robotic arm offers hope for commercial raspeberry harvesting

8 March 2019

Apply to work with automation systems experts on your business

12 December 2019

Apply to work with automation systems experts from WMG

6 March 2019

Josse De Baerdemaeker from University of Leuven explains the challenges and future opportunities for new technologies in horticulture ahead of his talk at the SmartHort Conference

14 February 2019

Our latest edition of The Grower focuses on autonomous drones, robotics and labour efficiency.

9 January 2019

Meet the household brands bringing innovation to agriculture and horticulture

28 February 2019

Are robotic harvesters close to being commercial reality?

21 December 2018

Can imitation robots soon be replacing people in some of the repetitive horticultural tasks?

1 October 2018

AHDB student Luca Scimeca develops a new robot able to handle a very delicate manual task.