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2 February 2022

UK wholesale prices for dairy products have risen sharply in recent months, but will this translate to an increase in consumer prices?

9 December 2021

Bread wheat prices have reach unprecedented levels. But what does this mean for the humble loaf of bread?

20 October 2021

Bangers and flash at Halloween and Bonfire Night set to bring a boost for red meat and dairy, writes AHDB Retail Insight Manager Kim Malley

7 December 2021

Rachel Rose takes a look at just what Brits think about imported food products against the backdrop of trade negotiations with Australia and the US

1 February 2021

During a challenging year and against a backdrop of major change for industry, consumer attitudes towards UK farmers has grown in positivity.

18 November 2020

Join the AHDB Retail & Consumer Insight team as they review how the market and consumers have changed with coronavirus, and what opportunities and threats this now presents for industry sectors.

24 March 2020

Canadian consumers are ethnically diverse which has a profound influence on the foods purchased and eaten. We discover what the opportunities are for British meat, dairy and potatoes.

8 June 2020

Vietnamese consumers have growing incomes and there is an increasing appetite for high-value imported foods. Food safety and health and wellness are priorities when choosing food.

26 November 2019

Flexitarians are on the rise but has veganism been over-stated? How has market saturation affected meat and dairy sales?

21 January 2022

Tools, inspiration, innovation and news from AHDB's Trade team

10 September 2019

We look at some key indicators to gauge the UK’s economic performance, what this means for consumers and the outlook for the months ahead, especially given the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty.

12 June 2019

Menus, which feature words like ‘recommended’ and ‘finest’ to describe dishes, will command a higher price, according to new research.