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21 October 2020

Learn more about selecting beef cattle for slaughter.

17 February 2021

Maximise your returns by selecting animals at the right time and to the right specification for the market.

13 February 2020

When choosing ewe lambs to put to the tup, consider weight, age and management of bought-in sheep.

4 April 2019

Some consider placing four animals or carcases in order as an art form. However, good stock judging results from sound observation and an understanding of an animal’s make-up. These guidelines are produced by AHDB, together with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs. They set out what to look for and explain why it matters.

29 April 2020

There are two main challenges for the lamb sector; the first is to maintain the production of high-quality meat and the second is to ensure sheep farming is financially viable. This manual outlines the factors to consider to achieve these aims at every stage of production, from weaning to selection

25 October 2018

With careful management, surplus pure dairy-bred male calves can be a useful option for beef farmers looking to source additional animals to rear and finish. This manual gives an overview of how to produce good quality beef from surplus male dairy calves

25 October 2018

To maximise their financial returns, beef producers need to produce and sell the type of finished cattle markets want. This manual gives an overview of the key elements to focus on to produce cattle that meet the needs of the target market as cost-effectively as possible