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3 February 2022

An evening of discussion on your soils - practical measures to get the most from your soils and inputs, as well as tools and regulations to be aware of

21 December 2021

Anne Bhogal, an ADAS soil scientist, explains how a soil health scorecard is being used to assess the impact crop management has on the biological, chemical and physical properties of soil.

16 December 2021

Conducted over three (often challenging) seasons, trials showed a flexible and holistic management approach is best.

10 December 2021

Discover how a structured way to monitor changes to soil health is being delivered by a five-year research programme.

25 November 2021

Grasslands, forage and soil research partnership

24 November 2021

Improving soil management

14 October 2021

Understand the importance of pH levels, and other factors, including parent materials and trace minerals, in promoting soil health

14 October 2021

Soil biological health can be improved with organic matter inputs, reduced tillage and increased rotational diversity.

14 October 2021

In a healthy soil, the interactions between chemistry, physics and biology are optimised for the conditions in that place.

14 October 2021

Soil constantly wets and dries in response to numerous factors, such as rainfall, evaporation and plant transpiration.

14 October 2021

Read about the Defra/WRAP funded project on the use of digestate and compost in agriculture

2 December 2021

Discover different types of organic matter that can be added to soil and understand the varying impacts they can have.