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12 May 2022

With the winter wheat T2 timing near, plan now to protect modes of action from resistance.

21 June 2021

Carefully targeted sprays are particularly essential for this beetle menace

29 June 2022

The sensitivity of key pest species to insecticides is monitored by this long-term project.

14 June 2019

Early signs of decreased sensitivity to the herbicide glyphosate have been detected in several black-grass field populations in England.

26 September 2018

Pyrethroid sprays applied to cereals this autumn can now be timed better, thanks to a new tool from AHDB.

24 September 2018

People are being asked to submit live samples of cabbage stem flea beetle with suspected resistance to pyrethroid insecticides for free testing.

13 September 2018

Guidelines for the management of insecticide resistance in several key UK crops have been updated by the Insecticide Resistance Action Group (IRAG).

27 June 2022

This web page hosts the latest guidance from the Insecticide Resistance Action Group (IRAG). The 'Download' button provides background. Scroll down for guidance.

16 May 2022

A lack of effective chemical control means a firm grasp of this pest is essential