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15 November 2021

Find out what green fuels are and how you can generate them on your farm.

12 August 2021

Find out how pig slurry could be used to power vehicles

27 September 2021

Case study describing the return on investment and further benefits of air scrubber technology.

11 October 2021

Find out how air scrubbers can reduce ammonia emissions, improve the climate of the pig building and recover energy to reduce carbon emissions and save money.

5 August 2021

Methane emissions for the inventory (AC0115)

19 July 2021

AHDB’s accelerated ammonia monitoring trial shows that the British pig industry is successfully reducing ammonia emissions, saving producers an estimated £15.3m.

21 April 2021

Find information on upcoming legislation for covering slurry stores. Compare different cover types and the practical benefits they can provide.

20 November 2020

The rate of ammonia volatilisation from floors is influenced by ambient temperature and air exchange rate. Controlling these factors will reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Different cattle house flooring and systems can reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Increasing the proportion of the year that cattle spend grazing outdoors can reduce ammonia emissions.

20 November 2020

Controlling the release of nitrogen, a key component of ammonia, ensures more is retained as valuable fertiliser.