Contents tagged with BYDV

20 March 2020

Suction trap aphid data and weather data is used to forecast aphid activity

1 July 2020

Find out how to manage the most important diseases of wheat and barley

17 December 2019

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

4 October 2019

Cereal growers can learn about their fields' aphid populations, if they get involved in a new research project.

13 September 2019

The vast majority of aphids tested do not carry BYDV

6 September 2019

This tool uses weather data to indicate the optimum time to apply insecticides to cereals

4 July 2019

Management of virus-spreading aphids in winter cereal crops is the subject of our latest research call

7 June 2019

All cereals will be drilled without a neonicotinoid treatment this autumn

16 March 2020

Discover how some aphids can transmit yield-robbing viruses to cereals and oilseed rape

3 July 2020

AHDB Aphid News provides regional information on aphid species and numbers. Download the latest edition below.