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11 May 2021

Training livestock to an electric fence can save time and hassle, especially for rotational grazing systems. Read our top tips for training cattle and sheep.

13 November 2023

Read our advice on the differing fencing methods for cattle and sheep. You will find information on health and safety, identifying faults and common pitfalls.

11 May 2021

A good electric fence system requires a combination of components that all work efficiently together, including an energiser, a power source, an earth system, and a conductor.

11 May 2021

There are three types of electric fencing: permanent electric, off conventional and temporary electric. Read on to decide which type of fencing best suits your system.

6 September 2021

Explore our information on how to use permanent, semi-permanent and temporary electric fencing for cattle and sheep.

19 November 2019

Infrastructure is key to setting up a simple paddock system. If you spend time initially in setting up the infrastructure, the movement of cattle and the creation of paddocks will be a lot simpler in the long term.

14 November 2018

Fencing is a crucial element of managed grazing, as it provides the ability to control where the livestock eat. While it does not suit every systerm, electric fencing can be cost-effective and flexible. This document provides detailed information on using electric fencing for livestock farmers