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7 March 2023

HerdAdvance has supported more than 500 Welsh dairy farmers to improve animal health and welfare by adopting pre-emptive herd health planning techniques

1 September 2022

Johne’s disease testing funded by HerdAdvance is helping Powys dairy farmer Johnathan Wilkinson keep the disease under control.

2 March 2021

Identifying trace element deficiencies by blood testing helped Flintshire dairy farmer Tom Bletcher to reduce his stillborn rate from 8% to 2% in his replacement heifers, leading to significant cost savings.

12 January 2021

Monitoring his herd through bulk milk sampling allowed farmer Roger Howells to detect a disease outbreak early and prevent further spread.

2 December 2021

By making small alterations to calf housing, farmer Marc Evans has seen reduced pneumonia cases and improved health across his youngstock.

12 January 2021

By putting a Mastitis Control Plan in place, farmer Chris Mossman has seen cases of mastitis fall drastically in his herd at Nantybach Farm.

12 January 2021

Monthly weighing heifers has helped Wrexham dairy farmer Richard Evans bring down the average age of calving by nine months leading to a significant cost saving.

1 June 2020

The HerdAdvance project first recruited farmers in the autumn of 2018, with a second opportunity to join the project in the autumn of 2019.

13 July 2020

Quarterly testing for Johne’s disease is helping Carmarthenshire dairy farmer Rheinallt Harries identify infected cows and control the spread.

13 July 2020

Routinely mobility scoring helped Flintshire dairy farmer Rhys Davies reduce lameness across his herd and identify replacements for future breeding.