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5 June 2024

As of 1 April 2024, the latest BCMS data shows that the GB milking herd stood at 1.64 million head.

24 June 2024

Practical seminars covering the latest developments in cattle breeding, nutrition and health.

12 April 2024

In association with BGS and LIC/Cogent, Josh and Lauren Fincham, and Anne and Guy Trehane, are hosting a spring farm walk at Hampreston Manor Farm.

19 February 2024

The latest data shows a relatively small year on year decline in the GB milking herd of 0.6%, with July figures totalling 1.62 million head.

6 October 2023

Taking the time to understand your needs in the planning process of your youngstock housing will help make sure that the design chosen is right for your system. To help work through the design process, consider the eight questions below.

6 October 2023

Overview of legal requirements to consider when building your dairy youngstock housing, and the most common codes of practice and market guidelines.

17 January 2024

Join us to hear how our research can be put into practice on your farm

17 January 2024

Join us to hear how our research can be put into practice on your farm

3 November 2021

Research in to optimising grazing systems for youngstock

13 November 2020

Join Dr Michael Overton from Zoetis as he looks at the hidden costs of calf pneumonia. Learn about practical changes you can make immediately to help improve the performance of your replacement heifers and reduce the impact of pneumonia.

1 June 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb and Lesley Stubbings, Independent sheep consultant for a webinar on sustainable worm control for youngstock.

27 April 2020

Webinar: Sustainable worm control for youngstock