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11 June 2019

SCEPTREplus trials for new herbicide options for carrots

12 April 2019

Understand how different Brexit scenarios could affect your farm business incomes

3 October 2018

Cavity spot is a major disease of carrots which causes millions of pounds of damage in the UK each year.

13 July 2018

The AHDB Horticulture Crop Walkers’ Guide for UK carrots and parsnips has been designed specifically as an aid to crop monitoring, both in the field and in store. It illustrates and describes the important pests, diseases, nutritional and physiological disorders which may be encountered during the crop production process. 

23 May 2018

The Field Vegetable Review magazine provides the latest progress and research by AHDB in the work towards helping the vegetable sector tackle key crop protection issues.

23 May 2018

Free-living nematodes (FLN) are microscopic soil-borne organisms that can cause significant crop damage by feeding on plant roots, leading to reduced yields and quality. This factsheet offers recommendations to growers on how to manage FLN. 

10 August 2018

This GREATsoils case study examines the importance of effective soil assessment methods for the production of carrot crops through the experiences of producers Fresh Growers Ltd. The case study reviews the benefits of Albrecht approach to soil assessment and the impact on nutrient management.