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12 October 2021

Senescent sweetening in potatoes: literature review (2012)

12 October 2021

Predicting CIPC vapour and particle distribution in potato stores

13 November 2020

In the first season without CIPC, making use of all available tools and methods for controlling sprouting will become paramount.

13 March 2020

Prepare for post-CIPC residue levels by cleaning your store as soon as it empties

19 December 2019

How did store managers at this year's agronomists conference see the future of store management?

22 October 2019

We're offering free one-to-one potato store visits via our new Storage Network, you can sign-up at BP2019

13 October 2021

Controlling dormancy and sprouting in potato and onion

13 October 2021

The effect of temperature on potato tuber respiration

12 October 2021

Elucidating the mechanisms of senescent sweetening in stored potato tubers

8 October 2021

Integrating sprout suppressants for the fresh potato sector

12 October 2021

Managing maturity to improve crop processing quality and storage