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3 September 2021

It is important to minimise calving difficulties and know how to assist when necessary.

3 September 2021

Learn how to make calving as successful as possible.

15 November 2021

Research on preventing respiratory disease in calves

3 November 2021

Research in to optimising grazing systems for youngstock

27 July 2021

What impact are semen sales expected to have on the number of calves being born in the dairy herd over the coming months?

20 May 2022

When and how to wean dairy calves

26 May 2021

Find out how much water a calf needs.

26 May 2021

Only healthy calves grow well and get in-calf on time. Find out which are the most common diseases affecting the rearing period and what to do about them.

25 May 2021

Helping calves cope in hot weather

26 May 2021

Learn how to feed, collect and test colostrum.

26 May 2021

Calculating energy requirements for dairy calves

3 February 2021

AHDB, HCC and QMS and Dr Alex Corbishley, vet and senior lecturer in farm animal practice at University of Edinburgh, hosted a webinar on improving new-born survival on beef and sheep farms.