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3 April 2024

Switzerland is a net-importer of food and consumers value quality and sustainable red meat and dairy. With high prices and falling production, this may enable more UK products to be exported, specifically beef and dairy.

28 March 2024

Meat has risen in popularity despite the continued pressure from rising food prices during the last year.

28 March 2024

What changes have we seen to consumer eating habits over the last few years?

18 March 2024

Does Valentine’s Day still have a place in the hearts of shoppers? This year, it appears so.

31 January 2024

Red meat volumes grew across the board last Christmas compared to Christmas 2022, whilst turkey remains the UK's favourite roasting joint.

14 March 2024

Dairy demand grew in January, and whilst meat volumes fell compared to a year ago, both meat and dairy outperformed their animal-product counterparts.

2 January 2024

Consumers are moving away from food selected for variety and towards more practical reasons such as price and ease of cooking.

2 January 2024

Consumer appetites for frozen red meat products increase with continued cost of living pressures.

2 January 2024

Lamb proved a favourite with consumers this Easter, with shoppers switching from other meats to the category for their celebratory lunch.

25 April 2023

An impressive nine out of ten consumers who saw the most recent We Eat Balanced TV advert agreed it successfully communicated that meat and dairy form part of a balanced diet.

2 January 2024

Valentine's Day this year highlighted the importance consumers place on meat, fish, and poultry at celebratory events despite the cost-of-living crisis.

2 January 2024

In-home eating occasions remain above levels seen pre pandemic. So what are the opportunities for red meat?