Contents tagged with cover crops

9 September 2019

The results from the trials and demonstrations at Lodge Farm

17 July 2019

Discuss soil health techniques with growers and researchers

28 May 2019

The Strategic Farm East Open Day will provide an update on the latest trials and demonstrations at Lodge Farm

7 August 2019

Grain Outlook, the journal for cereals and oilseeds, spring 2019

11 October 2018

Salad grower Simon Gardner of G’s on low till cover crops for soil health

19 September 2018

Despite growing interest in green manures using them in intensive vegetable rotations is particularly difficult. This has led to few large-scale vegetable and salad growers using them. This case study details the main green manure species suitable for use in high value vegetable and salad rotations, and summarises the benefits they can bring. 

5 June 2019

A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown primarily for the purpose of ‘protecting or improving’ between periods of regular crop production. This publication details the opportunities for cover crops in conventional arable rotations. Scroll down for further resources.