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21 June 2022

Researchers tackle one of the biggest questions in farming – what does a ‘sustainable’ system look like?

9 March 2022

A decade of crop crops experience from Strategic Cereal Farm South (blog)

15 December 2021

Richard Meredith discusses how a summer catch crop helped to lower nitrogen losses.

16 May 2022

What is the impact of using cover crops?

26 February 2021

Paul Gosling looks at how to make the best choice for your rotation.

26 October 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms

24 September 2021

Agronomy Week will showcase the latest research and provide agronomists with practical management strategies to use across the rotation.

22 July 2020

Join AHDB Beef & Lamb and Marc Jones, Agricultural consultant, for a webinar on outwintering options for sheep.

12 June 2020

Brian Barker whats to see how far he can reduce inputs in wheat

11 May 2020

Research has highlighted the short-term gross margin effects of including cover crops in the rotation.

9 April 2021

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

3 November 2019

The results from the trials and demonstrations at Lodge Farm