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17 January 2022

Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in farm livestock, assessment of zoonotic risk and development of control strategies

27 October 2021

The GB all prime average cattle price lifted 1.5p/kg this week, to sit at 409.2p/kg

11 January 2022

UK beef production fell 2% year-on-year in August to 73,200 tonnes.

6 January 2022

Quantifying, benchmarking and rationalising farm medicine use in the beef industry – Novel best practices in communicating with food system stakeholders

6 August 2021

Use the clover content assessment stick to help you estimate the clover content in your pastures and assess nitrogen (N) supply.

5 August 2021

Reducing uncertainty in life cycle assessment of livestock production systems

14 January 2022

Neospora caninum is a microscopic protozoan parasite which causes abortion in cattle determining significant economic losses, production inefficiency and animal welfare concern

4 January 2022

Pathology expertise underpins disease diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance and is vital for the health and welfare of the UK beef and sheep industries

14 January 2022

AHDB has commissioned the development of a pilot eMB-Cattle system; the pilot will record antimicrobial usage data across a number of beef and dairy farms

29 July 2021

Find out if feeding maize is suitable for your cattle and see our information on protein supplementation and feeding co-products.

29 July 2021

Maize is a high energy, high starch feed. Read more about how maize compares to grass silage for protein, energy, and dry matter.

29 July 2021

See our information to help understand the feed value of maize silage and maize grain, and some example rations for feeding cattle and sheep.