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20 January 2022

Trace element supplementation of beef cattle and sheep

20 January 2022

A review of literature relating to legumes and their impact on fertility

18 January 2022

Impact of grazing on parasites

19 January 2022

Rumen fluke in cattle and sheep

12 January 2022

Diseases present in cull ewes

14 January 2022

control of worms sustainably

20 January 2022

Investigating anthelmintic control failures in cattle

14 January 2022

Cattle eMB phase II

24 September 2019

Launch of a consultation on a proposal to form a Ruminant Health and Welfare Group to deliver a simpler, more co-ordinated approach to tackling primarily sheep and cattle health and welfare across the UK.

23 July 2019

A guide to essential facts and figures from the cattle industry in the previous 12 months, including livestock numbers, slaughterings, production, consumption, meat prices, imports and exports, abattoirs, auction markets and carcase classification (published July 2019)

17 October 2018

Bedding has a significant bearing on animal health and welfare. The bedding materials directory provides a summary of the different materials that can be used in cattle and sheep housing.

22 September 2023

Find information on arable rotation in livestock – forage crops, cover crops and more.