Grazing fodder beet for cattle and sheep

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Join us for a series of events with New Zealand fodder beet expert Dr Jim Gibbs and UK expert Marc Jones (KWS) on a practical on farm meeting to learn how to successfully outwinter stock on fodder beet to maximise performance and reduce costs. 

The events will also focus on how the crop can fit into your farming and livestock systems and be utilised with herbal and grass leys.  

At the events you’ll learn about: 

  • Transitioning of cattle and sheep to fodder beet 
  • Maximising stock performance on fodder beet 
  • Health requirements of stock on fodder beet 
  • Integration of grass/herbal leys 

The events will take place at:

23 November - Cambridgeshire

25 November - Hampshire

28 November - Devon

29 November - Pembrokeshire

6 December - Nottinghamshire

8 December - Yorkshire

9 December - Yorkshire

If you’re involved with cattle and sheep and are looking to outwinter stock and integrate livestock into your farming operation, these events are for you.