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13 September 2021

Join AHDB and Jennifer Duncan, Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare at the University of Liverpool, for a webinar on the recent advances in our understanding of CODD and advice on treatment and prevention strategies for the disease.

9 August 2021

Ovine footrot is an infectious cause of lameness in sheep that has significant economic impact for the UK sheep farming industry

6 August 2021

Use the clover content assessment stick to help you estimate the clover content in your pastures and assess nitrogen (N) supply.

5 August 2021

Methane emissions for the inventory (AC0115)

3 August 2021

Optimising the use of nitrogen represents one of the major goals of sustainable livestock farming systems from both an economic and environmental standpoint

3 August 2021

HCC is undertaking a project to evaluate the ability to generate long term genetic improvements in the Welsh ewe flock

3 August 2021

Efficiency with environmental benefits through optimising sheep genetics; developing a new approach to UK sheep genetic evaluations

3 August 2021

Optimising the use of footbathing for control and prevention of lameness in sheep

17 September 2021

What really causes footrot in sheep - a national cohort study of the microbial diversity of Dichelobacter nodosus in sheep in sickness and in health

29 July 2021

Brown Stomach worm is the most common species of nematode parasite that infects sheep in the UK

29 July 2021

See our example rations and top tips for feeding maize to ewes or store lambs.

29 July 2021

Find out if feeding maize is suitable for your cattle and see our information on protein supplementation and feeding co-products.